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As a leader there is always the possibility to grow and improve your leadership, whether you are a high-potential star or a seasoned C-suite executive.  Transitioning to a new role, or being called upon to expand your impact will ask more of you as a leader. This may include the development of new leadership competencies or amplifying existing ones.

In an executive coaching program Vivian helps you identify these competencies, designs practices that help you accomplish your goals, and supports you through any challenges. Vivian, within the context of a confidential relationship, illuminates for you what you may not see and accompanies you on the journey to develop and deepen your leadership.

Through the coaching process Vivian’s clients find they:

  • develop an executive presence that is palpable without ‘trying too hard’
  • approach difficult conversations with an appropriate balance of directness and compassion
  • inspire others and coordinate more effectively with colleagues
  • own fully their strengths and their impact
  • discover their aspirations and what fuels them
  • align with their authenticity to create long-term sustainability
  • bring forward what is useful versus what is habitual
  • deepen the understanding of themselves and others through non-judgmental curiosity

Coaching programs will be customized to fit you and your needs and generally involve regular meetings over a four to six month period. An assessment is often included at the beginning of the program that could include feedback interviews of key stakeholders and/or assessment tests.

The coaching relationship is based in confidentiality and trust. Vivian will help navigate the interests of your organization while prioritizing you in the process.

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