Leadership Intensives

Convene with like-minded leaders to engage in experiences that can profoundly change the trajectory of your leadership and your life.

The Leadership Intensive offers you the chance to accelerate your leadership potential while developing nourishing and enduring relationships with other leaders. If this sounds good to you and you are up for the adventure, then join me in a series of four immersion experiences.

Each weekend builds thematically over a yearlong journey.

Weekend One:  Relationship

The first intensive focuses on building relationships and trust with your fellow journeyers.

This weekend is foundational to what your group will achieve in the year ahead. After the first weekend, your support network expands to include all of your fellow participants. You will practice communication skills that allow you to build trust with others through authentic and skillful conversations that move your game forward.

Themes Explored: Trust, Authenticity and Communication.

Leadership Outcomes: Relationship Building, Crisp and Clear Communication, Direct Conversations, Effective Collaboration

Weekend Two: Exploration

The second intensive focuses on a deep dive into the ‘you’ that will fulfill on your commitments.

This weekend you explore how you tick as you deeply consider your gifts as well as the parts of you that you would rather not know–the parts that need your attention if you are to succeed. You learn to accept yourself for who you are, you design practices that will help you develop the parts of you that need attention, and compassionately forgive the past to step fully into your present and future. You don’t do this alone as you will be supported as you learn to do the same for your fellow journeyers. These experiences prepare you to give feedback directly and compassionately as well as receive feedback from a neutral open place, essential skills for great leaders.

Themes Explored: Compassion, Clarity and Listening.

Leadership Outcomes: Self-Awareness, Empathy, Giving and Receiving Feedback

Weekend Three: Commitment

The third intensive focuses on exploring your declared commitments for your life and your leadership.

During this weekend you design what you are willing to commit your life’s energy towards achieving, how these commitments will inform your life, what supports you and what obstructs your way, and what you will need in order to support you as you live into these commitments. Letting go of what you ‘should’ care about, you boldly take a stand for yourself and your true values, discovering the ease of authentic leadership.

Themes: Authenticity, Courage and Values.

Leadership Outcomes: Executive Presence, Being Inspirational, Delegation, Creativity, Consistency

Weekend Four: Celebration

The fourth and final intensive focuses on celebration and integration.

This weekend you acknowledge your accomplishments and your colleagues’, re-commit to your new trajectory through ‘on the ground’ practices, and celebrate life together. You become the mirror for the greatness in others, just as you are able to be mirrored in your greatness by others. Great leaders own their strengths and nurture the strengths of others.

Themes:  Appreciation, Recognition and Camaraderie.

Leadership Outcomes: Positive Attitude, Recognition, Confidence

Each intensive will include accommodations and communal meals. In between each intensive there will be one-on-one coaching calls with Vivian, group check-in calls where support and best practices are shared, and assignments that boost the outcomes from the in-person experiences.

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